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Hey guys! Here’s the DIY tutorial for the turban I posted yesterday. Super easy and super cute! Try it out!

Hey guys! Here’s the DIY tutorial for the turban I posted yesterday. Super easy and super cute! Try it out!

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Hey guys! Here’s a close up of the turban from earlier. It was such an easy DIY! I’m working on a how to post, so keep an eye out! 

Hey guys! Here’s an OOTD completely composed of thrift store finds, as well as a turban DIY. These are the jeans from my last post, and I found the blouse & loafers at MTS, which is my favorite thrift store. My sister Fatima went to Turkey recently, and the evil eye bracelet is one of the jewelry pieces she brought back for me. Hope you guys are having an amazing day - come back soon!

Every girl needs a pair of super comfortable dark wash denim that makes your booty look amazing, and I’ve found the perfect pair. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I was instantly attracted to the color, and the stretchy material, as well as the AMAZING price. I got these half off at goodwill, and I’m so glad I did :)

How cute is this suede top? And how awesome is it that I found it on half off Saturday, so it was only $2.50! I’ve never owned such a gorgeous shirt like this, the color is beautiful and subtle, and the cutouts on the bottom are ultra feminine. I’m excited to have such a great piece in my wardrobe :)

Hey guys! So.. I’ve been obsessed with the sporty trend, but had no idea how to implement that style into my wardrobe, until I found the shades and this perfect white t that I thrifted from goodwill for $2 - it’s mossimo which is a Target brand. It’s so soft and comfy! Perfect all around. I found the shades from the dollar store, and get this, they were $1 and when I pulled the sticker off the price tag, the brand name showed Nordstroms! How amazing is that?? I found a similar pair next to it that has a coral/green tint and rose gold frames. They’re both TDF! I thrifted the pants a while ago for only $1. My hubs got me the shoes from an outlet mall last year - guys.. these shoes are the most comfortable sneakers EVER. They’re seriously amazing! I DIYed the turban, and I followed this tutorial to tie it :) I only wore my wedding rings for jewelry because anything more would be insane since it’s over a million degrees here. I kept it simiple with makeup as well - just filled in my brows, and wore a gorg raspberry lipstain from wet n wild. Thanks for stopping by to read my post, and hope you have an awesome day :) See ya soon!

Hello there! I just wanted to walk you through my ice dye from that last post. First I soaked the fabrics in a large bin of soda ash and warm water with a ratio of 1 cup per gallon. I had several shirts so I did 1.5 cups and 1.5 gallons. I soaked the fabrics in the solution for about 30 minutes, then rinsed all the fabrics and used rubber bands so the pattern for each fabric was held throughout he dyeing process. I placed the fabrics on various objects with plastic bags underneath so the dye would be caught in the bags instead of the bathroom tiles. Afterwards I put a 10 pound bag of ice ice all over the fabrics making sure I got every spot, then sprinkled the fiber reactive dyes, making sure not to muddle the colors. The colors I used are:

  1. Grape
  2. Bright Yellow
  3. Royal Blue
  4. Chinese Red
  5. Turquoise 

I got them from Dharma Trading Co. as well as a 5 pound bag of soda ash. After I was done I let everything set for a couple hours and then used another 10 pound bag of ice since the ice was melted already. I sprinkled a little more dye on top and let everything sit overnight. At around the 20 hour mark I placed the fabrics in separate garbage bags, tied the tips of each bag, and then placed them outside for 4 hours. Once they heated up nicely, I used my hose and a bucket and rinsed each fabric until the water was clear of dye. I then washed the fabrics on hot, with a small amount of dawn soap and dried them on not as well and voilà! I’m extremely happy with my results. I think next time I’m going to dye less items because it took so long rinsing everything, I’m also going to use less dye next time to see if I can get more subdued colors, as well as use 1 more bag of ice. The ice melts so quickly here because it’s so hot! If I do ever use that many fabrics again though I’ll definitely use more soda ash/water solution. Also, I found a couple places near me that sell fiber reactive dyes, so once I run out I’ll try out some other brands to see how they compare to Dharma. Also please please PLEASE wear thick gloves when doing this. I had on some super cheap latex ones and apparently they had a hole in it because the dye seeped in and made my left palm peal like crazy! I did this almost 2 weeks ago on the 4th and my hand is just now starting to get back to normal. Don’t forget about safety guys! Wear a mask, gloves, & pants/long sleeves! I really want to try shave cream dyeing aka marbling. It looks so cool! Anyways, thanks for reading - come back soon :-)

Oh my god GUYS LOOK! I’m SO EXCITED about how these ice dyed fabrics/shirts came out! The first one is regular cotton fabric, next to it is bamboo velour. The rest are just your standard cotton t’s and long sleeve shirt. I love how vivid they turned out! I used Dharma dyes, and 2 bags of ice. I’ll post pics up soon about how I did everything, so keep a look out. Thanks for checking out my post today, have a fabulous day today :-)

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